About us

During our more than 6 years of experience in 3D technology at TVAR Open Creative Hub, we were thrilled to see how 3D printing is taking its place in every aspect of life. We watched as it moved from rapid prototyping to the stage where additive manufacturing became a full-fledged manufacturing tool.

Rapidnext represents the future of production as we see it – tailored for customers needs, quickly and without unnecessary costs.


We believe, that the most important and expensive article is time. We approach every demand individually, with understanding for customers needs. We will find optimal technology, material and settings. Printing process is customized and optimized for customer needs. Time is ultimately what most influences the resulting price.

We believe in future of additive technology as technology of tomorrow.


  1. Minimizing initial costs - easy production and quick test of your product from one piece. No forms and initial investments.

  2. Flexibility - fast iteration and market adaptation can bring a competitive advantage. Do not produce products in stock but only according to your customers needs.

  3. Ecology - we must not forget nature. Given the amount of waste, 3D printing is the most environmentally-friendly tool for complex geometry. It only consumes as much material as is necessary for production. You do not create unnecessary supplies.

Adapt quickly to market needs and produce efficiently.