Large-format 3D printing

Large format 3D printing (Large Volume 3D printing) is a reality, and more and more companies are looking at the possibilities of using it to their advantage.The advantages of 3D printing in the production of small and medium parts are shifting to the production of large components.

  • production from one piece
  • production of complex shapes and geometries
  • fast and cost-effective production.

Selected projects

Prototypes of plastic boxes

Before the production of injection molds begins, it was necessary to test the shape and dimensions of the new plastic boxes. In this way, the client can be sure that the proposed design is right and it can prevent potential losses at the production of unsuitable expensive metal molds.

PLA material was used for the prototype. Box size 700x500x110 mm. We offer a maximum print volume for the FDM process of 600 x 600 x 1200 mm.

Off-road car fenders

Precisely custom-designed fenders for a special off-road vehicle, which was later painted with a highly resistant powder coating. Durable PA12 material and SLS technology were chosen for this application.

Fender size 700x300x30 mm. We offer the maximum print volume for the SLS process 650 x 320 x 560 mm.

Backlit lung model

The client's request was to create an anatomically accurate model of the lungs. Production by resin casting would require manufacturing a mold and furthermore the whole model would be very heavy, which would limit transport. SLA 3D printing from transparent resin has reduced production costs 3 times and halved production time.

Lung size 700x300x30 mm. We offer a maximum print volume for the SLA process of 1100 x 690 x 590 mm.

Rapidnext is ready to provide you with large-scale industrial 3D printing. Do not hesitate to contact us and innovate with us.